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We currently have six blenders as follows:


25kg Lab Scale Pilot Ribbon Blender.

120 kg Copeland Ribbon Blender

350kg Winkworth Ribbon Blender

600kg Ribbon Blender

750kg Winkworth Ribbon Blender

750kg High Speed Blender


We currently fill into (as examples);


14g in 500ml PET Bottles (Shake and Take)

60g into 500ml PET bottles (Shake and Take)

100g into tubs with screw of snap fit lids

314g into zip lock bags (pre printed and formed)

500g into tubs with screw of snap fit lids

908g - 2.2 kg into tubs with push fit or screw lids.

1.2kg - 4.5kg into round, oval or rectangular buckets with tamper evident lids or Zip Lock Bags.

Up to 25kg in bags and boxed.

500g - 5kg in resealable pouches.


Some of the range of tubs we currently fill include tubs from Jokey and Duma.


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