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MP Bio Science Ltd specialise in precision blending nutritional supplements.

We did not get here by chance - we got to where we are as we are passionate about everything nutritional.  We source ingredients - whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, flavours, colours and sweeteners - from all over the world - as we find the best available.


We blend and pack as speedily and efficiently as we can to keep costs down - our latest blender mixes 750kg in 90 seconds.  This allows us to be really price competitive, but also gives us time on the line for Quality Control.


We have always worked to ISO 9001 and ISO 22000:2005 as our first blender cam with a full, modern, Quality control system and we put it is one of the best blending plants in the UK where we learned to craft of Powder Blending off one the best, most experienced and knowledgeable blenders in Europe at that time.  This allowed us to lead from the start.


We started by innovating products.  Our first formulation was a Joint Formula but our second was a Whey protein blend - when whey protein blends were unheard of.  We had to source the ingredients, create the product, engineer it to mix in water without foaming and make it taste better than everything else available at that time.  We did not copy anyone.  We started with a blank sheet of paper.


We started with one small blender, but soon introduced a second, 750kg, blender.  This opened doors to cost effectiveness but also made more consistent blends. It also put us in a position where we could get ahead of our Brands' requirements allowing us to deliver exceptional service - making to stock and delivering in days.


This is how we have progressed and how we work for our brands.  We built the product and future innovations into on the the UK's and Europe's leading Sports Nutrition brands.  So this is how we produce products today.  We prefer to innovate new products.  We do not copy others.


We maintain that you cannot really be contract fillers/blenders for brand owners without offering new product development and innovation - including market knowledge.  We maintain strict client confidentiality and do not tell anyone who we work for.


Contact Ross McManus, Managing Director, for further information.

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